Kim Simonsson: Friendship, 2022. Photo: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex


Today, on April 29, 2024, the much-anticipated "Moss Giants" exhibition by renowned sculptor Kim Simonsson opens at the Lasipalatsi Square in Helsinki. Coinciding with the May Day celebrations and the reopening of the square, Simonsson’s towering, bright green sculptures have already captivated both locals and tourists alike.

Standing at an impressive height of four meters, these "Moss Giants" communicate through sign language, adding a layer of mystique and interaction to their presence.

These sculptures are a significant addition to the Konstsamfundet collection, one of Finland’s largest private art collections.

Simonsson, born in 1974, has spent nearly a decade perfecting his technique in crafting ceramic moss characters, with these giants marking his largest creations to date. "I had a vision of a huge, moss-covered figure that one could encounter by chance in the woods," Simonsson explains. "This dream is now realized as these four giants will soon reside permanently in the forest of Söderlångvik on Kemiö Island starting spring 2025."

Describing his creations as utopian moss children, Simonsson assigns each giant a unique and critical role within their group. From carrying tools to bearing skis on their backs, every giant contributes to the collective. A key feature to observe is their hands, which play a vital role in their communication with each other and their surroundings through sign language.

Simonsson, who lives and works in the Fiskars artist village in Western Uusimaa, is celebrated for his innovative storytelling and profound understanding of materials. His "Moss Giants" not only extend his portfolio of ceramic sculptures but also enrich the narrative landscape of Finnish art.

The exhibition, curated by Kai Kartio, will be displayed at Lasipalatsi Square from April 29 to October 20, 2024, providing a unique cultural highlight for the city of Helsinki this year.