Joyce DiDonato Photo: Sergi Jasanada


The Turku Music Festival, set to take place from August 8 to 29, 2024, announces a spectacular lineup featuring multiple Grammy award-winning American mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, the esteemed Il Pomo d’Oro Baroque orchestra, and the talented choir from Puolala School Music Classes. This year, the festival not only celebrates world-class music but also emphasizes environmental education and community involvement.

Joyce DiDonato will present her ambitious project, EDEN, as the festival's highlight. EDEN is a unique blend of music, drama, and environmental activism, concluding its global tour in Turku. Inspired by the resilience of nature observed during the pandemic lockdowns, DiDonato aims to engage audiences in a conversation about our relationship with the environment and encourage actions towards a more sustainable future.

Before arriving in Turku, EDEN has graced some of the world's most prestigious stages, including Carnegie Hall and the Barbican. Liisa Ketomäki, Managing Director of the Turku Music Festival, expresses excitement over finally hosting DiDonato, noting the significance of EDEN to the artist and its successful international acclaim.

The festival also highlights a collaboration with Il Pomo d’Oro, a Venice-based Baroque orchestra founded by author Donna Leon, and anticipates further partnerships, especially with the completion of a new music center in Turku that will broaden the scope for opera productions.

A distinctive aspect of the EDEN project is its engagement with local youth. In each city, the project incorporates local children and teenagers, fostering awareness and understanding of environmental challenges through music and dialogue. In Turku, students from local music classes will collaborate with DiDonato and Il Pomo d’Oro, culminating in a performance that bridges high-quality classical music with crucial environmental discussions.

Oona Heiskala, a music class teacher, lauds the initiative for enabling children to actively participate in environmental stewardship, aligning with current global concerns.

Moreover, the festival introduces the ‘EDEN Sustainability Challenge’ in partnership with Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Each concertgoer will receive a packet of seeds, encouraging a hands-on approach to biodiversity and environmental revitalization. This gesture aims to leave a lasting impact beyond the concert hall, planting seeds of change in communities worldwide.

Supported by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, the Turku Music Festival is proud to present a program that not only showcases exceptional musical talent but also emphasizes the importance of music education and environmental responsibility. Through the voices of children and adolescents, the festival hopes to inspire a future where harmony with nature is not just envisioned but lived.