The two faces of Viktor Vicsek's / Limelight's Talking Heads show countless emotions and react to each other.


The city of Helsinki bursts into vibrant colors and lights today with the opening of the annual Lux Helsinki light festival. Running until January 7, this year's festival showcases over 20 spectacular installations, transforming the city into a dazzling canvas of light and creativity.

Spanning various locations, including the city center, Hietaniemi Cemetery, and cultural hubs, the festival offers an immersive experience from 5pm to 10pm daily.

A noteworthy addition is the Lux Korkeasaari at Helsinki Zoo, featuring light art between 10am and 7pm this week.

The festival's trail, easily navigable on foot, connects Kansalaistori square to Senate Square, Esplanade Park, Erottaja Square, and Narinkkatori square in Kamppi. Highlights include "Talking Heads" by Viktor Vicsek / Limelight, featuring two interactive heads illuminated by over 4,000 LEDs at Kansalaistori square. Another must-see is the AI-driven "SPECTRUM" by C999 at Musiikkitalo concert venue, celebrating diversity through digital art.

"City Gazing Helsinki" by Amsterdam-based VOUW, suspended over Narinkkatori square, depicts Helsinki's century-long evolution from a space perspective. Meanwhile, Finnish artist Niko Tiainen's "SUBURBIUM.0001" at Cultural Centre Stoa offers an interactive experience, where audience movements influence the changing art piece.

The festival's accessibility extends beyond the visual, with numerous cafés and restaurants near the installations open for visitors to enjoy local flavors. Detailed information on this year's artists and installations is available on the Lux Helsinki website.

Lux Helsinki 2024's key partners include UPM-Kymmene Cultural Foundation, UPM, Helsinki Zoo, Marimekko with Ateneum, Toyota, Clear Channel, the Italian Cultural Institute, Musiikkitalo, and Multibeam Finland Oy.

This family-friendly event, free for all, promises a unique blend of art, technology, and community spirit, curated by artistic director Juha Rouhikoski and his team. Lux Helsinki is not just a festival but a celebration of light, art, and the vibrant spirit of Helsinki.