Vendors at Tuomaan Market thanked for the especially good sales this year." Photo: Vessi Hämäläinen


Helsinki's beloved Tuomaan Market has concluded its final day this year, achieving nearly 350,000 visitors, in line with the event organizer's expectations. The market experienced particularly brisk sales this year, with nearly 10,000 servings of its hit product, caramelized rice porridge, sold.

The market opened to an enthusiastic response, attracting 135,000 visitors in its first week alone.

Daily attendance often reached tens of thousands, with a record-breaking 37,000 visitors on Saturday, December 2nd.

Visitors enjoyed offerings from nearly 100 small producers, along with over 20 gourmet sellers and cafe and restaurant operators. Thousands of sustainable delicacies and gift items were sold, with top products being Christmas classics like wool socks, candles, and a variety of mulled wines.

The food court's star attraction was rice porridge, with a total of 35,000 servings sold throughout the market duration. N4ku restaurant’s popular porridge accounted for nearly 10,000 of these. Another hit was the cinnamon bun – Pop up Cafe Mama Nikolas sold 2,000 freshly baked buns.

Embracing the spirit of Christmas giving, the market’s organizer, Helsinki Event Foundation, enabled vendors to donate unsold items through HurstinApu association to those in need.

The market offered a chance to meet Santa Claus and enjoy live Christmas music. A unique highlight was the performance by the British Army Band Sandhurst, which delighted visitors with traditional Christmas songs. Interactive workshops, including glassblowing and metalworking, provided insights into traditional crafts, while Aito Iskelmä’s Aito Joulu radio entertained visitors throughout the season.

The Tuomaan Market, a staple of Helsinki's Christmas season, will return to Senate Square in 2024, with more details to be announced next year.