The 'Blue Pyramid' installation, with its striking blue lights visible from several kilometers away, has already started to intrigue city residents.


Särkänniemi amusement park is set to transform into a spectacular canvas of light and art with the launch of 'Valkea 2023 – A Festival of Light and Art,' beginning tomorrow, December 15, and running until December 17, 2023. This international visual arts event, produced in collaboration with renowned artist Kari Kola and other leading names, aims to brighten up the darkest time of the year with breathtaking light installations.

The new event at Särkänniemi is more than just an art show; it's an immersive experience designed to bring joy and awe during the year’s darkest days. The amusement park area will not operate its usual rides but will instead focus on creating an enchanting atmosphere through light, art, music, and performances. Additionally, the event coincides with the celebration of Koiramäki Christmas at Särkänniemi.

Kari Kola, serving as the artistic director for the project, has designed an unprecedented light ensemble specifically for the Särkänniemi amusement park. The festival will feature an artistic collective comprising Kola, Jouni Väänänen, Antti Kulmala, Samuli Halla, Rami Saarikorpi, Aleksandra Stratomitovic (Sweden), Michel Suk (Netherlands), Kari Alonen, Tommi Aunola, Tuomo Lehikoinen, Katja Kouvolainen, Ochoresotto (Austria), TipTop Walkers, and Ritva Muikku.

Tickets for 'Valkea 2023 – A Festival of Light and Art' are available online for €18 or at the event for €20. Children's tickets (ages 3–15) are priced at €8 online and €10 on-site. Family tickets for two adults and up to three children (ages 3–15) can be purchased for €40 online or €45 at the venue. The event is also accessible with the Särkänniemi Season Card 2024, and admission is free for children under three years old.

'Valkea 2023' promises to be a unique fusion of art and technology, offering an unforgettable experience to visitors of all ages. It's not just an event; it's an opportunity to witness the transformative power of light and art in creating magical winter moments.