Samuli Halla's StigAir piece is part of the Valkea 2023 event.


Särkänniemi, Finland, is gearing up for an extraordinary event, 'Valkea 2023 – A Celebration of Light and Art', set to brighten the darkest time of the year from December 15 to 17, 2023. This internationally significant visual arts event, created in collaboration with artist Kari Kola and other renowned names, promises to transform the amusement park into a mesmerizing spectacle of light and art.

The festival aims to bring joy and experiences during the year's darkest period through magical visual art installations, including massive light pillars visible from afar. Kari Kola, serving as the artistic director, has designed an unprecedented light display specifically for Särkänniemi's landscape.

Kola emphasizes the unique opportunity provided by the amusement park's infrastructure and unique structures, which enable the creation of a vast visual ensemble, offering a multitude of experiences and sights. Unlike a typical urban setting, the park allows for a more expansive and immersive artistic expression.

The festival, as described by Särkänniemi's Development Director Ville Aarresuo, is a pioneering event in Finland, crafting a surreal fairytale world using light and other elements. While amusement parks usually focus on lighting during the darker seasons, 'Valkea 2023' goes beyond mere illumination, creating an entire artistic experience.

Tickets for 'Valkea 2023' are already on sale, including a family ticket for two adults and up to three children, priced at €40 online and €45 on-site. The event is also accessible with the Särkänniemi Season Card 2024.

The amusement rides will be closed during the festival, with the focus instead on experiences crafted through light, art, music, and performers. The event coincides with the celebration of Koiramäki's Christmas at Särkänniemi.

The artist collective for 'Valkea' includes Kari Kola, Jouni Väänänen, Antti Kulmala, Samuli Halla, Rami Saarikorpi, Aleksandra Stratomitovic, Michel Suk, Kari Alonen, Tommi Aunola, Tuomo Lehikoinen, Katja Kouvolainen, Ochoresotto, TipTop Walkers, and Ritva Muikku.

'Valkea 2023 – A Celebration of Light and Art' will take place from 3 PM to 10 PM daily during the festival. Ticket prices are set at €18 in advance and €20 on-site, with special rates for children and families, and free admission for children under three. This event marks a significant addition to Finland's winter calendar, promising a unique and enchanting experience for visitors of all ages.