You can hear chamber music in libraries in Helsinki in November. Photo: Maarit Kytöharju


The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, in collaboration with the Helsinki City Library, is set to enrapture music enthusiasts and library-goers alike with their upcoming chamber music tour scheduled throughout November. Now in its fourth year, "The Philharmonic at the Library" tour promises an exceptional blend of classical and contemporary melodies, promising delightful experiences for all.

From the 6th to the 29th of November, musicians from the esteemed Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will grace twelve local libraries across the city. Attendees can expect to be serenaded with an eclectic repertoire spanning the early 1900s, the soul-stirring Argentinian tangos by the legendary Astor Piazzolla, and innovative compositions combining bassoon and electronic elements. Moreover, audiences will have the unique opportunity to indulge in a mesmerizing concert merging the art of storytelling with the magic of music.

Each concert, designed to last approximately half an hour, will be a feast for the ears and soul, transporting listeners through time and emotions. The best part? Admission to these enchanting musical soirees is entirely free of charge, making it an accessible treat for all music aficionados, regardless of age or background.

The enchanting musical journey commences at the Munkkiniemi Library on Monday, 6th November, and culminates at the Rikhardinkatu Library on Wednesday, 29th November. Patrons can choose from convenient timings, with performances scheduled at both noon and 6 pm, ensuring that the music resonates with the widest possible audience.

The collaboration between the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Helsinki City Library underscores the commitment to making high-quality chamber music accessible to local residents. By hosting these concerts in the heart of the community, the organizers aim to create a shared cultural experience that fosters a deeper appreciation for the art of music.

As November approaches, anticipation builds for the harmonious extravaganza that awaits at Helsinki's local libraries. Prepare to be captivated, moved, and inspired by the melodic mastery of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra musicians. Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of chamber music; it's an opportunity to let music weave its magic and touch the soul, right in the heart of the city's libraries.

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