Maarit Hohteri, Paula ja Miro, Kuopio, 1999. Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen


The Museums of Contemporary Art Kiasma have unveiled their captivating exhibition lineup for the year 2024, inviting visitors to delve into the profound themes of home, belonging, and identity. With a diverse range of artists and thought-provoking installations, Kiasma promises a year of artistic exploration like no other.

Collection Exhibition: 12.1.2024–12.1.2025

Kicking off the year, the museum welcomes art enthusiasts to explore the concept of belonging through a curated selection of works from the Finnish National Gallery collection. The exhibition probes the intricate relationship between belonging, identity, and society. It offers a multi-faceted perspective on how people connect with each other and their environment, including the nostalgic reflections on the past and the impacts of migration. The artworks reach into the future, posing profound questions about the worlds we aspire to create.

Simon Fujiwara: 1.3.–13.10. 2024

Renowned British artist Simon Fujiwara will take center stage from March to October 2024. Fujiwara invites visitors on an immersive journey through six distinct installations that span a decade of his career. Highlights include a reconstruction of a 1970s Spanish bar, inspired by the artist's parents' real-life establishment, and a mesmerizing hyperreal wax figure of Anne Frank, surveilled by a robotic camera. The exhibition's culmination features Fujiwara's latest creation, "Who the Baer," a thought-provoking character that challenges traditional notions of identity, race, gender, and sexuality, blurring the lines between art and entertainment.

Nina Beier: 22.3.–8.9.2024

Danish artist Nina Beier brings her unique perspective to Kiasma with sculptures that transform everyday objects into compelling artworks. Sinks, toy cars, and porcelain vases take on new meanings as they traverse time and space, exploring the evolution of culture and history. Beier's retrospective exhibition, infused with elements of performance, offers an in-depth look at her art, showcasing the transformative power of context and interpretation.

Pauline Curnier Jardin: 11.10.2024–23.2.2025

French artist Pauline Curnier Jardin enchants visitors with her immersive art that blends cinematic narrative, installation, sculpture, and performance. Her work challenges prevailing norms and stereotypes, offering humorous yet thought-provoking insights into assumptions about women and marginalized communities. Curnier Jardin draws inspiration from history, mythology, religion, and folklore, weaving a rich tapestry of artistic exploration.

Planet Home: 15.11.2024–30.3.2025

"Planet Home," a thematic exhibition curated by Kiasma, urges visitors to contemplate Earth as our shared home. This exhibition serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and nurture the planet we call home.

In addition to these remarkable exhibitions, Kiasma Theatre will also be a hub of activity in 2024. From Estonian choreographer Maria Metsalu's captivating work to Liisa Pentti's exploration of belonging through dance, the theatre promises a dynamic and engaging program throughout the year. An opera by Himali Singh Soi and David Soin Tappeser, featuring Arctic terns, adds a unique and ethereal dimension to the cultural offerings.

Moreover, the URB festival in June will celebrate the city, its diverse communities, and the vibrant spirit of its youth. With a full program set to be unveiled in the autumn, Kiasma has something for every art lover and enthusiast in 2024.

As Kiasma embarks on this artistic journey, it encourages visitors to ponder the boundaries of home, the essence of belonging, and the complexity of identity through the lens of contemporary art. This year promises to be a remarkable exploration of the human experience in all its dimensions.