Vapriikki's renowned Tampere 1918 exhibition, which had been on display for 15 years, closed its doors in early September 2023. The closure was planned to allow rare museum artifacts a well-deserved break, and the exhibition space is also undergoing renovations. However, Tampere's historical significance remains a priority. The newly launched Tampere 1918 Civil War Museum website now offers insights into the events of the Civil War in Tampere through 3D virtual experiences, interactive elements, articles, images, and videos.

The Tampere 1918 Civil War Museum website is an ever-expanding resource. Built on the Unreal Engine gaming platform, it paves the way for the creation of immersive experiences surrounding Tampere during the Civil War era.

Created in collaboration with virtual studio ZOAN, the content is available in both Finnish and English, catering to a diverse audience interested in the history of the Civil War. It serves as a valuable resource for school students seeking information about the subject, as well as enthusiasts and researchers delving deeper into the events of 1918. The website aims to captivate those intrigued by innovative museum content. Visitors can also explore the current Vapriikki exhibition in a digital, meticulously captured 360° version. Best of all, access to the website is entirely free, with funding provided by Operaatio Pirkanmaa.

1918 - A Continuing Relevance

Finland's Civil War was part of a series of conflicts that plagued Europe in the early 20th century. It had both internal and external factors, including Russia's revolution, World War I, and Germany's territorial ambitions. Tampere, an industrial city, became the primary stronghold for the Reds, encircled by the White forces in March 1918. The decisive battles of the Civil War took place in Tampere from March to April. Approximately 16,000 White and 14,000 Red soldiers participated in these battles, making the Tampere Battle the largest urban battle in the Nordic countries.

The scars of the war ran deep in Finnish society, and its memory remains especially strong in Tampere. Vapriikki's Tampere 1918 exhibition provided an impartial and expert perspective on the war from Tampere's viewpoint. It gave voice not only to the Reds and Whites but also to numerous neutral bystanders. The new website follows these principles while expanding its focus on experiential history, post-war survival, and the reconstruction era of the 1920s.

As we navigate the digital age, the Tampere 1918 Civil War Museum website offers an engaging and informative way to explore Finland's turbulent past. Step into history with 3D models and immersive storytelling by visiting the website here.