Helsinki Ink, the largest tattoo convention in the Nordics, is set to take place at Kaapelitehdas from March 31 to April 2, 2023. In addition to numerous Finnish artists, a record-breaking 100 foreign artists will also be in attendance.

"The tattoo industry is rapidly changing. The new generation of artists is becoming more and more skilled, constantly coming up with new ideas. The best artists are smashing trends," said the event's coordinator and tattoo artist, Kimmo Rosti.

The popularity of tattoos has grown every year, and visitors to Helsinki Ink will have a wide range of choices among the various current styles. The industry has also evolved in all aspects, with higher-quality tools and colors available, and a focus on customer safety.

"Trends in styles are highlighting hybrids, or the emphasis of contrasts. Other noteworthy styles include microrealism, dot shading, large ornamental and portrait tattoos. Graffiti and traditional art are mixed into everything beyond just portrait tattoos. Graffiti face tattoos have also become more common," Rosti explained.

Ambitious Results

Competition in the tattoo industry is continually increasing. Helsinki Ink will feature daily programs, including the Best of the Day tattoo and selection of the best in various styles. The Finnish Tattoo Artists Association will also select the best Finnish tattoo artist.

"Nowadays, artists ambitiously work on the winning design for many days. They come clearly to win the contest. The victories in the competitions matter, and many strive to win them," Rosti said.

Tattoos are seen as art, and people are willing to search far and wide for the right tattoo artist for their image. Individuals also follow various artists on social media, which makes them even more quality-conscious.

Helsinki, a City of Renown for Events

This year, Helsinki Ink will be held for the 28th time. According to Rosti, Helsinki has a good reputation as an event city.

"Everyone knows Finland, and Finns are cool. Finland is a safe and youthful rock mecca," Rosti explained.

Visiting artists are also pleased to come to Helsinki.

"I am always very happy to return to the European home of gothic rock, Helsinki. In Helsinki, my tattoos and my message related to the dark rock culture are appreciated! Rock'n'roll!" said Italian tattoo artist Kaiten.