Shingai performing at BBC Arts Hour Tour in London.


BBC World Service radio arts and entertainment show, The Arts Hour on Tour, comes to Helsinki in June 2022 to celebrate the vibrant Finnish art scene and learn how it continues to respond to the changing social and political landscape in Finland. In Helsinki’s Apollo Live Club, host Nikki Bedi and guests will explore how the Finns are responding to increasing tensions with Russia following the invasion of Ukraine; attitudes to immigration; and how Finland can carve its own space in the global art sphere.

Nikki is joined on stage by award-winning writer Rosa Liksom, the author of Compartment No. 6. The novel – published 6 years ago – explores the historic tensions between Finland and neighbouring Russia through the eyes of a young Finnish student and Russian miner, who strike up an unlikely friendship while travelling on a train across Russia. The film adaptation of Liksom’s novel, was released to widespread critical acclaim and won the Grand Prix at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Iranian-born Finnish comedian and presenter, Ali Jahangiri also joins Nikki on stage. Ali arrived in Finland as a refugee aged 10 and his comedy often reflects Finnish attitudes to immigrants

St Petersburg-born artists and émigrés to Finland, SashaPasha, discuss how they reflect the Russian experience during a time of conflict.

Krista Kosonen joins Nikki to discuss Finnish cinema. Krista stars in HBO Nordic’s series Beforeigners and is twice the winner of the lead actress gong at Finland’s premier film industry ceremony, the Jussi Awards.

Plus, one of Finland’s rising stars Olivera, talks to Nikki about finding self-expression through pop music and how she connects with her fans through social media.

Source: BBC World Service