Finnish National Gallery from outside


The Board of the Finnish National Gallery has established a three-year Digital National Gallery programme for the creation of a functional platform for new digital and experience-oriented services online. Johanna Eiramo has been named as director of the programme as of 1 June 2022. Ms. Eiramo will transfer to the programme from her previous position as the Head of Communications at Ateneum Art Museum.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of and demand for digital services have increased tremendously. The Finnish National Gallery has not had sufficient resources to develop our digital services. Now is the time to invest in the creation of a platform that enables continuous activities in the future," says Kimmo Levä, Director General of the Finnish National Gallery.

The three-year programme will have a team, which develops services for the Web2 environment, while preparing for the future where blockchain technology enables the Web3 environment. "I am excited about this programme and open to its possibilities. There are some practical services, such as an online ticket sales system, that we can start planning right away and hopefully implement soon," says Johanna Eiramo. "The Web3 environment is new and rapidly changing. We will explore it thoroughly, utilise networking and proceed with careful consideration. I see that it holds wonderful opportunities to create something unprecedented in the field of art."

Source: Finnish National Gallery