Clean Games were included in the bidbook of the Tampere city in its European Capital of Culture 2026 application. Eco-competitions and a Finland-Russia International Tournament in waste collecting and sorting will be held in 2025 and 2026.

Clean Games in Tampere are taking place within the city's wild card.

Following the main "Equally European" theme, they will contribute to "giving nature an equal standing". The games will be held in partnership with the Pirkanmaa youth organizations.

Clean Games will conduct a comprehensive educational program for the local activists to teach them the methodology and practical tips. The project team will also provide expert support and access to the IT-platform.

"Together with cleaning the territories, we aim at teaching people the basics of conscious consumption. Our gamified quest format attracts everybody and makes a holiday out of the clean-up. We are glad to contribute to the Tampere program!" - says the Clean Games founder and CEO Dmitry Ioffe.

On the 12-19 of April Clean Games held a workshop for more than 50 activists from around the world. More than two thirds of them were from Europe. It is possible to create strong international links for the European eco-volunteers, and the project is ready to become the cooperation field.

After a year of self-isolation nature extremely needs our support. And Clean Games encourage people make the eco-friendly activities more than a project but a lifestyle. That is what "human culture" stands for.

Source: Clean Games