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Camping 3 deals with the questions of equity and well-being.Camping at Cirko

The spring season at Cirko – Center For New Circus will be kicked off on Thursday 8 January with the premiere of a new piece by contemporary circus group Circo Aereo. In Camping 3, the third part of the acclaimed Camping series, artists and scientists will take audiences on a historical journey involving a sea voyage, a shipwreck and the isolation of a paradise island. Camping 3, being entertaining, moving and intellectually challenging at the same time, continues to explore the themes of immigration, otherness and equity.

The artist cavalcade in Camping 3 includes German trapeze artist Bellina Sörensson, evolutionary scientist Osmo Tammisalo, social psychologist Kristiina Janhunen, magician Timo Kulmakko, dancer Kaisa Niemi, acrobat Jori Reunanen and rap artist Prinssi Jusuf.


Image: Juho Rahijärvi


Thu 8 – Sun 25 January
Circo Aereo: Camping 3

Kaasutehtaankatu 1
Tickets €17.50/27.50

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