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Saivosalmi poses with baby.I Do My Part

I Do My Part is a contemporary dance solo piece performed by Maria Saivosalmi. It considers how the individual fits in to the big picture. Saivosalmi recounts her own history of productions, beginning with a backdrop of the entertainment world and gradually diving in to the deeper themes of time, repetition and significance.

What are the things that are important to me? How do I want to spend my time in this world? What do I want to leave behind me when I go?

Her teaser shows an air of casual wondering in the quotidian. The broader theme of life and how one wants to spend it shines through like a palimpsest, both with its timeless nature and in the subtle way it is approached.

Saivosalmi is a performer and a choreographer, and has worked as a freelancer and with Helsinki Dance Company as well as the Helsinki City Theater. She has collaborated as a choreographer with artists such as Andrius Katinas.


Image: Kaisa Rautaheimo

Until Sun 12 October
Zodiak – Center for New Dance
Tallberginkatu 1B
Tickets €14/22


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