Creating theater with Los Angeles’s most marginalized communities in places like skid row and California State maximum security prisons has given a unique perspective to the Strindberg Laboratory’s work in Finland. The Strindberg Laboratory has created an abridged and unique take on Macbeth along with co- creating No Labels No Walls a social movement and festival with Finnish partner Kukunori that is sure to shake up the status quo here in Finland. 

Strindberg Laboratory’s production of Macbeth: A Tale of The Conqueror and the Conquered is a fresh take on the classic tale that uses theater techniques such as physical theatre, animation, shadow and puppet theater and dramatic storytelling to highlight the humanities ills that leads to our collective destruction. This version of the tale only has the two main characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth featured in this production honing in on the two main protagonists’ perspectives of the shows events.
Meri Pakarinen, the co-director and Lady Macbeth in the show, says “We wanted to show audiences some of the experiences and insights that we have gained from our past work. We wanted to show the public that the power hungry world of the Macbeth didn’t happen a long time ago but the play’s themes are still in all aspects of our own daily lives.”
This production of Macbeth is taking place at Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse starting on September 14th and performing at Caisa on September 24th as part of the No Labels No Walls movement and festival which Strindberg co created here in Finland along with Finnish wellness association Kukunori. No Labels No Walls movement and festival comprises of persons and organizations from Italy, Finland, USA and Austria from all walks of life creating together.

“If we can create together then maybe we can work towards solving the world’s most serious problems. Also creating together is a lot of fun!” says project leader from Kukunori Markus Vähälä.
The No Labels, No Walls festival will take place in Oodi and other surrounding Helsinki locations on September 23rd and 24th and feature a scarf that will wrap around Oodi, a march to parliament with banners and signs, music, art, theatre, storytelling, basketball games, workshops to create a better future and much more.
“We hope you can come out to this exciting festival and take part in all of its amazing activities as this is something you won’t want to miss and is free for all!” says Markus Vähälä.
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