Despite the overwhelming influence of Social Media , chatting, Tinder and Snapchat, etc. there are still people who would prefer an old fashioned penpal to exchange snail mail letters with.

Helsinki Times received a letter, written on paper and send by regular mail from a reader in Ghana who asks us to print his penpal announcement in our paper.

Since our next print edition comes out only in autumn, (and we don’t have section of personals) we decided to run Sylvester Commey’s announcement online now. 

Here is what he has written to Helsinki Times:


Dear Sir,

Application of FINISH PENPALS

My name is Sylvester Commey. I am a young man form Ghana. I want males and females of all ages from Finland for friendship.

My profile is:

Name: Sylvester Commey

46 years old

Address: P.O. Box KF 1428,


West Africa

Hobbies: Letter writing, travelling, meeting friends, football, listen to music, etc.


Please, sir, kindly publish my details in your English newspaper Finnish (Helsinki) Times. Thanks. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Sylvester Commey


Even though the address on the envelope read: Helsinki Times, Helsinki, Finland, it did find its way to our office. Kudos to the Finnish Post Office.