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When Tinder showed up, it seemed to us that dating apps had peaked - could they be innovated any more? Probably not.  But we were wrong. As the culture of dating and the needs of singles change, so does the market evolve and innovate to respond to those needs.

The world of dating apps dried up and they needed something fresh. The Inner Circle responded to this.

The Inner Circle takes online dating offline.  The company hosts exclusive parties for its members with hundreds of singles attending and in the top venues in major cities around the globe. From rooftop cocktails to underground house parties, all aspects are taken into account. Maybe the days of locking eyes across a bar aren’t over after all...

From the ground up, this app is geared for meeting in real life rather than chatting online or exchanging a pointless “hi” before forgetting the match. You don’t need to worry about fake profiles as every member is verified manually, meaning there’s absolutely no catfish. You know upfront that these are real people with real pictures (yes - they ensure pics are up to date too).

One genius feature The Inner Circle app has created is called ‘spots’.  You can literally see which venues, bars and restaurants your matches like, so you can catch up with someone for a drink in the bar you both like - it makes suggesting a date much easier. It even doubles up as a tried-and-tested city guide for finding cool new places to visit.

Basically, for people who are serious about dating and want to actually meet their matches rather than pocket date - this app should be the first choice. The app gives access to events immediately. No speed dating, no pressure, no hiding in the corner to see how many years older or how many kilos heavier your “date” is compared to his or her profile picture before showing up. Just straight forward dating with genuine, nice people.

To see for yourself, sign up to The Inner Circle here.