It seems like online dating has slowed to an almost halt. Same dull conversations with random matches, photoshopped pics and fake profiles; so are we really gaining anything by downloading the next rsi-inducing app that promises to help us find the one we are looking for?

We’re all busy, so it would be great if there was an app that did the hard work for us; that is, sifted through the fake profiles and the catfishings and brought us only like-minded, genuine matches? Seems a lot to ask for, but The Inner Circle  promises to do just that.

The new popular app is reforming online dating for good. Each new member is manually screened by a team of experts who ensure each person really is who they say they are and the identities are confirmed by default. Expect no more mirror selfies, dog-eared filters, or grainy images - good quality, curated profiles make up the dating pool in the Inner Circle. 

Taking the online offline, The Inner Circle gives its users access to member’s favourite spots for dating, meeting with friends, or grabbing a bite to eat so that they can date with the comfort of knowing there’s a long list of tried-and-tested dating venues at their fingertips.

When abroad this feature becomes users’ new travel essential, an exclusive members-only city guide to whichever new destination they find themselves in. By logging in to their next trip, members in that city can offer advice and tips - or even get matched with people prior to touchdown, a handy way to find international friends and partners.

With these and various other features, the app takes offline dating seriously, even organising monthly events all over the world at some of the most sought-after venues. Log your travel plans and you can rub shoulders with some of the world’s most eligible singletons. 

The app store is flooded with date-making solutions, but it needed something new and different The Inner Circle seems to have the answer. Try it here and see for yourself.