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Contemporary Illustrations and Images Exhibition of China and Europe 

 In October 2018 in Shanghai, China, the Sino-European Illustrations and Images Exhibition have been successfully organized, with the support from artists, schools, organizations, and governments of China and Finland and other European countries.

Now we bring the traveling exhibition to Helsinki. We have invited Finnish artists Leena Kisonen and Sari Airola, as well as Chinese artists Gao Jing, Zhai Wensi, Hanqin, and Zhu Gege.

Meanwhile, students from Shanghai printing and publishing College and students from visual communication of Aalto University are also invited to exhibit their selected works and projects. The exhibition sets up an international cultural and creative platform of art education, creation, and communication.

The inspiration for artistic practice derives from the unique perspective and personal experience of artists, which are between reality and personal perceptions. Whether it is from the perspective of creation, teaching or researching, this subtle but ever-changing experience varies from person to person. It’s always worthy of being explored excitedly by artists and educators. In true life, if you listened to and respect inspirations brought by “truth”, you will realize clearly your own direction in the art creation process. During practice, the direction will be clearer over time. On the basis of such thoughts, we came up the theme of the exhibition as “As Alike As Each”.


Exhibition Info


Sari Airola Finland

Leena Kisonen Finland

翟文思 Zhai Wensi China

高婧 Gao Jing China   

朱戈戈 Zhu Gege China

韩琴 Han Qin China

Students from Shanghai printing and publishing College 

Students from visual communication of Aalto University

Exhibition Duration16. 11. 2018 — 05. 12. 2018

CuratorAixia Li/ Wensi Zhai


Shanghai Children’s Book Research Center

China-EU International Children’s Picture Book Art Studio

VenueRed  Gallery, Pursimiehenkatu 16, 00150 Helsinki



 Sari Airola

 Chairperson in the Finnish illustration Association

Teaches in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Sari Airola is a Helsinki based illustrator, author, and teacher

 She has been the illustrator since 1997. And author since 2006

Her background is in Art Education

Sari Airola works on picture books and editorial illustration

Her special interests are in contemporary illustration, reading skills and multicultural education

Sari Airola is a chairperson in the Finnish illustration Association

She teaches in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland


Leena Kisonen

 Illustrator/Artist/Graphic designer

Specializing in lifestyle illustration for products, packaging, and spaces

Her work is a colorful swirl of motifs, patterns, and lettering

Leena is a native of the North, and her illustrations have a lot of Scandinavian influence

Leena loves all things Japanese, which also shows strongly in her work

Leena is based in Helsinki, Finland and she works with clients in Europe, Asia, and the US. Her clients include Google, Intercom, Snapchat and Isetan Department Store in Tokyo among many more

In 2018 she has received an Applied Arts Award and the 3x3 Magazine honorary mention for her work for Google created wi Anyways Creative


Zhai Wensi

 Illustrator/Member of the Graphic Design Association

Graduated from center academy of fine arts and also graduated from Aalto University with MA in Environmental Art

Her work won the 'Best of the Best (Commercial)' award in Hiii Illustration 2016 international competition

In recent years, she focuses on focus on illustration practice


Gao Jing

 A professional member of the Shenzhen Illustration Association

Specializes in illustration and picture book, her picture book won the National Bingxin Award

The picture book <Howl's Moving Castle> was selected for Hiii illustration international competition

 Her work was also selected for Hundreds of Excellent Publications Recommended to Teenagers by the SARFT


Zhu Gege


Graduated from the China Academy of Art and École nationale supérieure d'art de Dijon with MA in plastic arts

Since 2010, she works as a performer and focuses on the relationship between body and public space

From 2017, she starts to practice in new ways and materials- ink and digital. Her work was inspired by everyday life and surrounding


Han Qin

Artist and Curator

The curator of the Shanghai 99 art museum

MA degree from École Nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris

Her personal works have been exhibited in  many galleries all over Europe


Worth to mention:

Counselor Gao Yuhang of the Ministry of Education of the Chinese Embassy in Finland attended the exhibition