• Severe weather warnings issued over approaching wind storms

    THE FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE HAS ISSUEDa series of weather warnings over approaching wind storms which are due to hit Western Finland on Tuesday evening.

    Meteorologist Joanne Rinne has described the coming wind storm, which is expected to reach hurricane levels of force in some parts of the country, as unlike anything they have seen during their decade-long career.

  • Southern Finland could see snow by the weekend 

     Large parts of Finland are likely to receive snowfall as the weather takes a dramatic turn this week. The first half of the week is predicted to be mild and rainy, with occasional stormy weather. The temperature could reach a maximum of 11°C in the South on Wednesday.

  • Temperature could exceed 10℃ next week

    Meteorologists predict that temperatures in Finland could rise to over 10℃ for the first time this year next week, after a prolonged spell of icy weather. 

    Scattered snow showers and subzero temperatures will likely continue across the country for the next few days. According to MTV, the mercury is expected to plunge to -10℃ in Southern Finland and -15–20℃ in Lapland on Friday night.

  • Temperatures could soar above 20℃ as Finland sees first hint of Summer after a spate of rainy weather 

    The gloomy forecastof rain and snow for the coming week will likely be followed by summery conditions as meteorologists expect a heat wave from Southern Europe to hit Finland by next Sunday. 

    The warm front could lead to temperatures exceeding 10℃ in southern parts of the country on Sunday, 9 May (widely celebrated as Mother’s Day in Finland).

  • Third wave fears and freezing temperatures: Today’s news roundup

     Today, local newspaperswarned readers about the threat of a third wave of COVID-19, which promises to wreak havoc if it hits the country before an adequate section of the population has been vaccinated. 

    News outlets also touched upon the upcoming cold wave in Finland, with the freezing temperatures already leading to numerous accidents and mishaps involving thin ice.  

  • Winter is coming back: Southern Finland could see snowfall this weekend


    Finland’s recent warm spellwill likely come to an abrupt end as the weather takes a sharp turn this weekend. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, temperatures across the country will drop on Friday, with the mercury expected to go well below 10 degrees in the Greater Helsinki region.

    Low pressure from the Arctic Ocean will give rise to sleet or snow showers in Southern Finland on Saturday as well as Sunday. Meteorologists have issued warnings about poor driving conditions at this time.