• 2020 China Journal: What happened in the country this year?(2)

    Unity is strength: Public efforts to tackle COVID-19

    On January 18, 2020, on a high-speed train to Wuhan, one of the world's most populous cities, people were chatting excitedly. A festive atmosphere filled the air, as passengers could not wait to get back for the Chinese Lunar New Year. None of them could know that in just a few days, their destination would become a forbidden zone plagued by a novel coronavirus.

  • World's first 350 km/h freight train off assembly line

    A bullet freight train with a maximum operational speed of 350 km per hour was rolled out in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province, on Wednesday morning.

    Delivered by Chinese train maker CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd., it is the first freight train in the world to reach the 350 km/h speed threshold, according to the company.

  • Xi sees huge potential in ties with EU

    President has telephone talks with leaders of Spain, Montenegro, Nepal

    President Xi Jinping has underlined the importance of adhering to the general direction of relations between China and the European Union from a strategic perspective and appropriately managing their differences, as opportunities as well as challenges are envisaged for their ties in the future.

    Xi told Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during a phone conversation on Wednesday that he hoped the Spanish government would continue to play its constructive role in promoting the steady and lasting development of China-EU relations.