• An Almanac dedicated to the Sami culture will be released in Russia this year

    The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. UNESCO keeps reporting that approximately 600 languages disappear each year. As a result, world globalization smashes many cultures and people literally lose their roots.

    The Sami is a unique example of indigenous people and culture uniting mainly six countries—Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. They speak six dialects of Sami language. 

  • Huge modernisation of the Russian Nornickel’s Kola MMC will improve ecology

    One of the giants of the Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting industry — Nornickel — has been earning a lot of credits for its eco-friendly modernisation over the past years.

    This time the company is willing to invest over RUB 6.2B (EUR 85,6M) to increase the efficiency of its sulphuric acid production and reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

    The upgrade will take place in the Kola MMC in the Murmansk region of Russia, which borders Finnish territories.

  • Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline begins construction in Finland

    THE WORLD’S LARGEST PIPELAY VESSEL, PIONEERING SPIRIT,recently sailed into Finnish waters to assist in the construction of one of Russia’s largest infrastructure projects in Europe.

    Nord Stream 2, which will operate in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany when completed, is being built to facilitate the transfer of natural gas exports from Russia to the EU. It has been estimated that this single pipeline will account for the transit of over half of all Russian gas sales to Europe.

  • Scandinavia Won’t Be Russia’s Next Target

    Mikheil Saakashvili’s country was a victim of Putin’s aggression. Finland and Sweden won’t be.

    In a recent Foreign Policyarticle, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili argued that “Russia’s most likely target in the near future is either Finland or Sweden.” As Saakashvili explains, “by attacking a non-NATO country, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin does not risk a proportional response in accordance with Article 5. But by targeting a European country, he can expect to reap the rewards of public approval at home from voters who are desperate for a victory.”