• Here’s where you can adopt rescued animals in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

    Welfare benefits and a functioning democracy might earn Finland the title of “happiest country in the world” many times over, but for the tens of thousands of pets abandoned here every year, the future is bleak.

    Figures indicate that a shocking number of Finns have been cruelly discarding their pets, leaving them to the mercy of the streets.

  • Meet Osku, Finland’s new First Puppy 

    Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and his family have welcomed a new puppy into their home. NamedOsku, the black-and-white male puppy is a Tenterfield Terrier. 

    Niinistö’s spouse,Jenni Haukio shared the news, along with a picture of the adorable new addition to the household onsocial media on Sunday. According to Iltalehti, the dog has been with the First Family for a week. 

  • Miniature pigs an increasingly popular choice of pet in Finland

    Miniature pigs, also known as mini-pigs, pot-bellied pigs and teacup pigs, are pigs that are bred to be relatively small in size. The animals have witnessed a surge in popularity in the country, with a growing number of Finns adopting them as pets. 

    According to Iltasanomat, the number of pet miniature pigs in the country is currently estimated at 1,600.