• Social distancing skills, environmental concerns and Moomins in Korea: Finland in the world press

     International news outletsthis week highlighted how Finnish citizens have adapted well to social distancing, attributing their positive attitude towards isolation to a culture that values personal space. 

    The Finn’s natural propensity for solitude, coupled with the country’s low population density and remote location has aided in its fight against COVID-19. 

  • Teenagers set the Moomin World on fire on Christmas day

    Three minorshave confessed to starting a fire at the Moomin World theme park on Christmas day. The fire began when the teenagers lit combustible materials on an open-air theatre in the park, which is located on the island of Kailo, next to Naantali (Southwest Finland). 

    Police were notified when passersby travelling along the bridge that leads to Moomin World spotted the flames and noticed three people fleeing the scene, one of whom wore an orange jacket.