• George Soros: Merkel has surrendered to “Hungarian and Polish extortion” 

    Acceptance of Rule of Law “compromise” gives Fidesz more than a year to change Hungarian laws, constitution and to channel public funds into private foundations “controlled by his [Orbán’s] cronies”

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has, it appears, “caved to Hungarian and Polish extortion” by brokering a compromise on rule of law at the EU summit that “constitutes the worst of all possible worlds”, according to philanthropist and financier, George Soros.

  • Orban´s threat reveals EU´s right decision

    Linking European Union funds to the respect of the rule of law is in the interests of all Europeans ‒ left, right or centre, net contributor or net beneficiary, East, West, North or South.

    The EU’s new rule of law mechanism ‒ the decision to link EU funds to the respect of EU values ‒ is a significant achievement many of us in the European Parliament have worked for. Our political group Renew Europe was on the forefront of this fight.