• May seagulls be my worst nightmare


    I felt like I had fled a burning house when I boarded the plane to Helsinki. I left my job working for a county elections office preparing for the upcoming November presidential general election there, which looks more and more like it will result in disastrous conflict at the hands of Donald Trump, who will cling to power by any means possible. Once I connected to WiFi during a Frankfurt layover, a message from my mother popped up on my phone: “only 8 percent contained.”

  • Reminiscing long lost passions in Finland

    JUSTlike other immigrants, I came to Finland with exciting dreams and great hopes. But unlike other immigrants, I arrived in Finland with a huge bucket-list of things to do that I was not able to do back in my country.

    During my childhood or teens, I never had a chance to cycle.

  • Suomi, silence and sauna: An English guy in Espoo


    I've had a soft spot for Finland since I first heard its rock music. It seems wild to my English eyes, with its endless forests, dark Winters and enigmatic predators.
    I've needed some time out recently, so - when my cousin introduced me to a church in Espoo, and they invited me over for five weeks - it was impossible to turn down. I worked there in exchange for a place to stay, daily essentials and time to reflect.