• Finnish households encouraged to recycle Christmas food waste in ‘Fat to Fuel’ campaign

    THE OIL REFINERY COMPANY NESTEhas launched a campaign to encourage Finns to donate Christmas food waste to recycling points across the country so that it may be used as biofuel.

    The company’s nationwide ‘From Fat to Fuel’ initiative asks that Finnish households take the leftover fat from their Christmas ham, which can often constitute up to 20% of the ham and donate it to one of the 230 collection points that have been set up across the country. 

  • Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline begins construction in Finland

    THE WORLD’S LARGEST PIPELAY VESSEL, PIONEERING SPIRIT,recently sailed into Finnish waters to assist in the construction of one of Russia’s largest infrastructure projects in Europe.

    Nord Stream 2, which will operate in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany when completed, is being built to facilitate the transfer of natural gas exports from Russia to the EU. It has been estimated that this single pipeline will account for the transit of over half of all Russian gas sales to Europe.

  • Setback for nuclear industry as Hanhikivi Power Plant is delayed by a further four years

    THE CONSTRUCTION OF A RUSSIAN-FINNISH NUCLEAR POWER PLANTin Pyhäjoki has suffered yet another delay, as It was announced last night that the project would be delayed by a further four years.

    The Hanhikivi 1 plant, a project jointly-owned by a consortium of Finnish energy operators and the Russian state energy giant Rosatom, was first approved for construction by the Finnish parliament back in 2010.