• ”I felt totally exploited”: foreigners in Finland share experiences of being underpaid by Finnish employers

    A commuter at a bus stop in central Helsinki (Image: Lehtikuva)

    THE EMPLOYMENT GAP BETWEEN FOREIGNERS AND NATIVE-BORN FINNS has been an issue at the forefront of policy discussions for years now, with much attention being paid to the fact that unemployment among the foreign-born population is almost four times higher than the overall unemployment rate.

  • Finland retirement age set to rise in 2019

    THE FINNISH CENTRE FOR PENSIONS has confirmed that the earliest retirement age for Finnish workers will be raised by three months in 2019. The upper age limit for retirement will not be affected.

    The increase was previously approved in 2017 as part of a wide-ranging package of pensions reforms passed in the Finnish Parliament. The increase only applies to the earliest retirement age possible, which will increase by three months, meaning that the new minimum retirement age will be 63 years and 6 months exactly.

  • Helsinki taxi sector launches recruitment drive amid intensifying labour shortages

    The taxi rank outside Helsinki Central Railway Station (Image: Lehtikuva)

    A SIGNIFICANT RECRUITMENT DRIVE FOR NEW TAXI DRIVERS is now underway within the Helsinki metropolitan area, following an intensifying labour shortage that has decimated the ranks of qualified drivers throughout the city. 

  • The Helsinki-based networking project matching foreign-born and local professionals together in Uusimaa

    Verena Rentrop, one of the locally established professionals who volunteers at Dörren (Photo Credit: Rahul Pardasani)

    A LACK OF PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS or insights into one’s field of work in Finland are some of the key challenges foreigners face when seeking employment matching their skill levels. During the past year, Luckan Integration’s professional networking concept Dörren has answered these challenges by connecting locally established professionals and foreign-born professionals within the same industry.

    We spoke to staff and so-called “Door Opener” at Dörren to find out how their service is helping both locally established and foreign professionals find opportunities in Uusimaa.