• Former Bank of Finland governor tipped as next ECB president

    ERKKI LIIKANEN, THE FORMER GOVERNOR FOR THE BANK OF FINLAND, has been tipped as the favourite candidate to take over as president of the European Central Bank, in a recent poll taken by leading economists.

    The Financial Times recently sent a poll out to the leading lights in finance and economics in Europe, asking them who they believe will be selected to take over from current president Mario Draghi when he steps down in 2019.

    Liikanen emerged as the clear winner, although respondents did not necessarily think he was the most qualified person for the role.

  • Revisions to Mining Act considered following debate over impact of mining companies in Finland

    CHANGES TO FINLAND’S MINING ACTthat would increase levies and tax premiums paid by foreign and domestic mining companies are being considered by the government, following renewed debate over the activities and impact of said companies.

    Finland’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Mika Lintilä, confirmed to Yle today that the government was seriously considering amendments to the Mining Act that would seek to minimize the damage caused by mining companies whilst also extracting greater revenues from them.