• Commentary: China's anti-food waste law vital to ensure food security

     Chinese lawmakers on Thursday voted to adopt an anti-food waste law. The law, designed to help establish a long-term mechanism to prevent food waste, is vital to ensure national food security.

    Approximately 18 billion kg of food is wasted every year in China's urban catering industry, and over 35 billion kg of grain loss is estimated at pre-consumption stages including storage, transportation and processing, according to a report based on nationwide field research carried out by lawmakers.

  • Commentary: China's space station to house more int'l cooperation

    China successfully launched the core module of its space station on Thursday, opening a new foothold for humanity in space.

    China's space station, guided by the idea of building a community with a shared future for humanity, will become a common home transcending Earthly bonds and an outpost for countries worldwide to explore the universe through cooperation.

  • Commentary: Chinese democracy delivers real results to the people

    The 8,993 proposals which were submitted to China's annual legislative session this year were transferred to relevant departments for research and handling today, a vivid example of Chinese democracy transforming people's voices into concrete plans and actions.

    The National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee has set 22 priority topics, which can be categorized into six aspects including ensuring the livelihoods of the people, planning the work of the NPC Standing Committee, accelerating the development of a modern industrial system, comprehensively advancing rural vitalization, implementing the regional development strategies and promoting green development, according to the data made public Tuesday.

  • Commentary: Decoding CPC leadership's path to China's economic success

    In its pursuit of bringing happiness to the Chinese people and realizing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has led the Chinese people in creating a phenomenon of rapid economic development and long-term social stability rarely seen in the world. This has become one of the most exciting success stories of this era.

    Last year, China emerged from the global headwinds to become the only major economy to register positive growth in GDP and foreign trade in goods, thanks to its effective anti-COVID-19 measures. The country's GDP increased by 2.3 percent year on year to cross the 100-trillion-yuan (about 15.49 trillion U.S. dollars) threshold, while its imports and exports of goods expanded by 1.9 percent.

  • Commentary: Drop your double standard on press freedom, please!

    In the name of press freedom, a handful of Western politicians have interfered in China's internal affairs, tried to cover up for an illegal Hong Kong media, and even threatened with sanctions.

    Those politicians' smearing has once again demonstrated their hypocrisy and double standard on the issue of so-called press freedom.

  • Commentary: Global solidarity against COVID-19 pertinent until collective victory secured

    The meeting convened by China on Tuesday to commend role models in the country's COVID-19 fight not only marked a milestone in the country's virus containment efforts but also sent a message of resolve to strengthen global solidarity until the ravaging virus is vanquished.

    In the face of the severe public health crisis, the Chinese people have united as one and stood together under the leadership which demonstrated strong political courage and shouldered the extremely difficult mission of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. National unity has been crucial in securing major strategic achievements and making China the first major economy to return to growth since the outbreak.

  • Commentary: People: The ultimate success formula of century-old CPC

    The root cause and source of the power of a political party that has seen its membership explode from 50-plus individuals to over 95 million lies in its faith and ability to serve the people.

    In a world where the crisis of political representation is prompting a populist surge of disgruntlement across the Atlantic, the 100-year-old Communist Party of China (CPC) is upholding its time-honored philosophy of putting the people first, which is the key to both its success and its future.

  • Commentary: Twin failures of Taiwan authority's response to COVID-19

    The 74th World Health Assembly (WHA), which kicked off online on Monday, has decided not to include Taiwan on this year's agenda. The decision to exclude Taiwan once again proves that seeking "Taiwan independence" under the cover of the COIVD-19 pandemic is doomed to fail.

    Before 2016, the Taiwan region was able to participate in the WHA under a special arrangement made through cross-Strait consultations on the basis of the 1992 Consensus, which embodies the one-China principle upheld by both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

  • Commentary: Why Kissinger's secret China visit still matters 50 years later

    Fifty years ago, then U.S. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger undertook a secret mission to Beijing, which helped lay the groundwork for U.S. President Richard Nixon's ice-breaking China visit and the eventual normalization of relations between the two long-estranged countries.

    Fifty years later, the relationship between the world's top two economies now stands at another critical juncture because of an increasingly agitated Washington.

  • Corona vaccinations on mink started on the first farms in Finland and the EU

    The first FIFUR member farmers have started vaccinations against SARS-Cov2-coronavirus on Finnish farmed mink stock on their farms.

    “It is great that we are now able to vaccinate animals as the first actor in the European Union after a long licensing process and after the production of vaccines”,

  • Coronavirus laboratory incident hypothesis extremely unlikely: WHO

    Weeks after a team of World Health Organization experts launched a probe into the origin of the COVID-19 in Wuhan, the global health body on Tuesday said that there is no evidence of coronavirus circulation in any animal species in China.

  • Coronavirus primarily killing Germany’s over-80s

    People aged 80 and over accounted for nearly two-thirds of Germany’s “excess mortality” attributable to the coronavirus in 2020 and 2021. Another 30 percent of these deaths were in the 60 to 79 age group. In contrast, younger age groups accounted for just 7 percent. These are the results of new calculations by the ifo Institute two years on from the start of the pandemic.

  • Coronavirus reaches Mount Everest, Norwegian climber tests COVID-19 positive

    First case of coronavirus has been reported from Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain.

    Norwegian climber Erlend Ness was tested positive for the coronavirus and was evacuated by helicopter from the Mount Everest base camp to Kathmandu, reported The Hill.

  • COVID 19: Patients suffering from Delta variant more likely need hospital treatment than people infected from Alpha strain

    Patients suffering from the Delta variant of the coronavirus are twice as likely to need hospital treatment compared to the people infected with the Alpha strain of the deadly virus.

  • COVID antibodies are transferred from pregnant women to their babies

    The findings of a recent study suggested that antibodies that help in guarding against the COVID-19 virus are transferred from mothers to their babies while in the womb.

    This discovery, published in the 'American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology', adds to growing evidence that suggests that pregnant women who generate protective antibodies after contracting the coronavirus often convey some of that natural immunity to their fetuses.

  • COVID deaths lowest since March 2020, end of pandemic in sight: WHO

    World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Wednesday said that the number of weekly reported deaths from COVID-19 last week plunged to its lowest since March 2020 and added that the end of the pandemic is now in sight.

    "We have never been in a better position to end the pandemic", the WHO chief told media personnel during his regular weekly press conference.

  • Covid Omicron variant: WHO criticizes travel bans on southern African countries, calls for borders to remain open

    The World Health Organization has urged countries across the world not to impose travel bans on southern African countries due to the ongoing concerns over the new COVID-19 variant Omicron.

  • COVID pandemic can't go on forever, will end soon: Expert

    On the first anniversary of the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive that started on January 16, 2021, Dr Kutub Mahmoood, Scientist and Virologist from Washington, DC told ANI that vaccination is the strongest weapon, adding that the pandemic cannot go on forever, and its end is pretty near.

  • COVID pandemic has fed a frightening rise in inequalities: UN on Human Rights Day

    Despite significant progress since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 73 years ago, the COVID pandemic has "fed a frightening rise in inequalities", and laid bare "many of our failures to consolidate the advances made", said UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet, in a message marking Human Rights Day.

  • COVID pandemic is nowhere near over: WHO chief

    World Health Organization (WHO) chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Tuesday warned the world that fresh waves of COVID-19 cases show that the pandemic is "nowhere near over."

    In a media briefing on COVID-19, the WHO chief said, "I am concerned that cases of COVID-19 continue to rise - putting further pressure on stretched health systems and health workers - and deaths are unacceptably high."