Covid-19 confirmed cases in Finland and other countries

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Source: Our world in data

Book Review

  • A conservative’s call of distress

    THE AMERICAN JOURNALIST Anne Applebaum is a well-known author and authority on issues related to eastern Europe. The titles of her previous books often contain words such as gulag, iron curtain, and Holodomor, Stalin’s starvation of Ukraine. She has always been very open with her own ideological convictions. She is an old-school conservative, anti-communist, and moderate republican from the era before Trump.

  • Finland in the New Great Game 

    To present Haukkala’s theses in English is an especially difficult task due to his key term” toimijuus” – a word that is not found in any dictionary. I would propose” agency” or” power of action” as an English equivalent. Haukkala calls for the international community as well as Finland to leverage more of this power. 

    As a researcher he does not want to present a theoretical reference