#air cargo

  • All-cargo air service links ASEAN, northwest China and Pakistan

    An air cargo service route has been launched linking northwest China's Lanzhou, Phnom Penh of Cambodia, and Lahore in Pakistan.

    The first such flight carried 18 tonnes of dried mango to Lanzhou on Oct. 30. It left Lanzhou on the same day for Lahore carrying Chinese household products, according to the International Land Port of Gansu (Lanzhou)

  • China unveils first domestically developed virtual student

    Wearing a ponytail and a red backpack, China’s first virtual student Hua Zhibing made her debut at the 2021 Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) Conference on June 1.

    Photo shows the virtual character Hua Zhibing, whose face and voice were virtually synthesized. 

  • Digitalization injects vitality into China's real economy

    With a super SIM card and app, some Chinese smartphone users will soon be able to make phone calls protected by quantum encryption.

    Unlike traditional encryption methods that rely solely on algorithms, quantum encryption is protected by the laws of quantum physics and has ultra-high security.