Daly and Wallace, 6th anniversary of the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas by the neo-nazis of Golden Dawn, on 19th September 2019. Image CC


In H.G. Wells’s novel, "The Country of the Blind," a mountaineer named Nunez falls down a mountain in the Andes and finds himself in a hidden valley isolated from the rest of the world. This valley is inhabited by a community of people who are all blind. Nunez, confident in the saying "In the Country of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king," believes he will easily dominate and rule over the blind villagers. However, his attempts to assert his superiority and to make the villagers understand the concept of sight are met with confusion and disbelief. The villagers, stuck in their own ways of understanding the world, see Nunez's talk of sight as delusional.

The European Parliament increasingly looks and sounds like that fictional valley in the Andes. Isolated from the vision of realities, sanity, and common sense by a wall made of the two "H:es" of Hubris and Hypocrisy, the commission and parliament are taking Europe towards moral and financial bankruptcy.

In this sea of darkness, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are the Nunezes of the valley. The Irish MEPs have courageously and consistently called out the discrepancies, injustices, and misleadings of the commission head, Ursula von der Leyen, accurately nicknamed by Clare Daly as "Frau Genocide" for her unconditional support of the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

Every time Daly or Wallace speak, a fluent flow of common sense and wisdom is poured on the dumb majority who are blindly guiding Europe to a nuclear war and bankruptcy.

“Madam President, on 26 January, the International Court of Justice ruled that there’s a plausible risk of genocide in Gaza. It ordered Israel to stop killing civilians. Israel continued. The legal obligations on EU Member States are very clear. The genocide conventions require states to avoid complicity, the EU common position on arms exports bans exporting arms where there’s a clear risk they’ll be used to violate international law, and the UN has warned that such transfers must cease. Yet, France dissembles, hiding behind secrecy and Israeli assurances, while Germany has increased its exports tenfold last year, 90% since 7 October. 

Ireland doesn’t even ask Butcher Biden what’s coming through Shannon Airport from the US on the way to the Middle East. What sort of people are ye? In 1982, arch-conservative, pro-Israeli Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan stopped arms to Israel during a war. But in 2024, European Greens, Social Democrats, and Liberals are arming a genocide. Shame on ye! International law and humanity requires lethal arms to Israel must stop now,” Daly said in her contribution to the plenary session on 27 February 2024.

On the 23rd of April, she said: “Madam President, so now we’ve had people in here demanding the unilateral seizure of Russian state assets to give to Ukraine when every single piece of legal advice, internal and external, has said, don’t go there. It’s state piracy. It’s against international law. It will only invite retaliation. It’s against the rule of law that ye constantly say ye stand by. But like everything else, the US, fresh from its banditry of their EUR 7 billion heist of Afghan assets, has passed a law to take Russian ones, and the EU wants to blindly follow suit. 

Now I know the High Representative talks about a somersault where we will just take the interest, we won’t take the assets – again, theft, which will be a massive own goal. And on top of that, you want the money not for Ukraine’s reconstruction, but for its victory. There is no victory on the battlefield. Only 10% of Europeans believe that now. What’s needed is a ceasefire and negotiations. And every day we prolong it wrecks Ukraine further.”

And this is the iconic speech where she coined the nickname for von der Leyen: 

“Time and again we're asked to believe that the EU is a bastion of democracy in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Rather, it holds democracy in contempt. When citizens elect the wrong government like in Greece, the gloves come off in Brussels and that government is crushed. When citizens vote the wrong way in a referendum in Ireland, they're made to vote again. And after denouncing foreign agents laws abroad, now the commission wants one here at home. We have a defensive democracy package that has 200 NGOs ringing alarm bells because of the threat it poses to civil society. And the crowning irony of this is that this package comes from the commission of Ursula von der Leyen, a person elevated to power without a single vote from the citizens, who has spent the last two months swooping in and overriding the foreign policies of elected governments all to cheerlead a brutal apartheid regime that she calls a vibrant democracy as it pulverises a city of children. Well, my god, with defenders of democracy like that, I think I speak for many citizens of Europe when I say 'nein danke, no thanks 'Frau Genocide.'”

Mike Wallace, on the need for unwavering EU support for Ukraine:

“What does unwavering EU support for Ukraine really mean? If we were really prepared to support Ukraine, we would help to end the war. We have done nothing to bring about peace. We have opposed dialogue and diplomacy. We have supported the US-NATO proxy war from the start. We have wasted billions of EU taxpayers’ money on this stupid war. And where’s it going? It isn’t going in Ukraine’s direction. Hundreds of thousands of working-class Ukrainian kids are dead – for no good reason! Ukraine has been destroyed. Western corporations from the US and Europe are buying up the land on the western side of Ukraine for peanuts. This is madness! Pumping more money into Ukraine now has become a money laundering exercise at this stage – to feed the military-industrial complex and just to please the US at a great expense to every citizen in Europe. This place is losing it!”

Big tech shamelessly tries to hide or censor speeches by these two courageous intellectuals by closing their YouTube accounts and shadow banning every tweet and posting about their critiques of the dominant narrative. Numerous celebrities and intellectuals have come out in support of Daly and Wallace. 

US actress Susan Sarandon calls the duo "voices for peace.”

In an endorsement  video posted online,  Sarandon said: "Right now in America it's a very pro-war time and also voices that question that are being silenced and fired and being given a very, very difficult time.

"So for the last five years, when I've seen Clare Daly and Mick Wallace doing what they're doing, we can hear them around the world including in the United States, they're speaking up loud and clear for international solidarity and social justice, for peace and for the oppressed people.

"I can't tell you how much - how very important - and how much that means to those of us in other places given hope by them and what they are saying to hear that kind of truth."

She added: "There are very few voices for peace in places of power and we need them more than ever now especially with what's goin gong in Gaza.

As the people of Ireland have been awake all along, we have high hopes that the two fighters for dignity and wisdom will be re-elected to the parliament. One can only hope that today, people in other European countries will also send more representatives who can see, to this valley of the blind.

Clair Daly’s speeches in the parliament can be found here, and Wallaces here.


Alexis Kouros

Editor in Chief

Helsinki Times