Weizel Gulfan is a Holistic Health Coach that is internationally accredited in Plant-based, Macrobiotics and Raw Nutrition

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A treat that won’t sabotage your fitness goals! This Brownie recipe is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, has fiber and doesn’t have added sugar in them. It took me several attempts to get the perfect recipe for a fudgy, fluffy and moist brownies using basic wholesome pantry staples that still has the traditional sugary and fatty bakeshop taste (minus the nasties) and this is it. 

I developed this Protein Brownies for me and my best friend Maria as our fit-fuel in between workouts because I wasn’t satisfied with the energy and protein bars we had access to in health stores, (too much artificial sweeteners and preservatives). 

The key to making this Brownies goey, moist and spongy is in the Aquafaba, so even though you can substitute it with any none-dairy milk, it will end up much denser if you skip it. 

All you really need for this recipe is a blender or a food processor and the patience to gradually add each and every ingredients until they are well combined. 


1/3 Cup Oat Flour: Grind whole oats in a processor/blender until flour-like.

1 Cup Chickpeas (Softened), Save the water

1 Cup whipped Aquafaba 

1/2 Cup Creamy Nut Butter of choice (I used peanut as it is the creamiest, cashews are also great). 

1/3 cup unsweetened Cocoa powder

1 tsp Baking powder

1 tsp Baking soda

2 tsp Vanilla essence (liquid or powder)

1 Cup dark chocolate; Melted in the microwave or double boiler 

1  Cup Dark chocolate chips or broken dark chocolate squares 




Whip the Aquafaba (Chickpea water) using an electric mixer or a beat until frothy and set aside to chill. 



In a blender or food processor, grind whole oats until it turns into flour. Add

chickpeas to puree then you can mix in cocoa powder. Spoon in Nut butter, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla.



Once all ingredients are well combined to make a dough (it will be dry at the moment) you can pour in melted  dark chocolate. Blend away until everything is incorporated.


Line or grease baking pan then transfer the dough on it. Pour in whipped and chilled Aquafaba to make a thick batter. Set and top with chocolate chips. 



Allow to cool for 15 minutes. Chill to store 


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About the author: Weizel Gulfan is a Holistic Health Coach that is internationally accredited in Plant-based, Macrobiotics and Raw Nutrition. She is also certified to teach yoga and meditation. Learn more about Wellness through her website; www.weizelgulfan.com or follow Everyday Wellness in Instagram @letseatmovebreathe, TikTok: @everydaywellness , Facebook : Everyday Wellness and You Tube: Everyday Wellness