Wind-dispersed seeds common among maple trees were a key source of inspiration for the light-controlled robot. Photo: Jianfeng Yang / Tampere University

Researchers at Tampere University in Finland and the University of Pittsburgh in the USA have unveiled a groundbreaking tiny robot that mimics the graceful descent of falling maple seeds. This innovative device has the potential to revolutionize real-time environmental monitoring and sample delivery in hard-to-reach areas such as deserts, mountains, cliffs, and open seas.

At Tampere University, Professor Hao Zeng and Doctoral Researcher Jianfeng Yang, along with their Light Robots research group, have designed polymeric gliding structures inspired by nature.

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Finland is widely considered to be one of the global leaders in technological advancements, ranging from AI to Cyber Security. They are well on the way with 5G, with the arrival of 6G just over the horizon. Alongside their leading digitisation is the country's remarkably high quality of life.

The seamless integration of technology into education, healthcare, transportation, and communication has provided an improved quality of life for the Finnish people.

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Jenny Rautio is leading the creation of Samiedu's English-language practical nursing program. She recently moved to Savonlinna from Norway, where she worked as a midwife.

This fall, Savonlinna’s Samiedu Vocational College will launch its first English-language practical nursing program. Designed to attract more students to the region and address the labor shortage in the social and healthcare sectors, the program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the Savonlinna area, with a focus on elderly care.

"The planning process for this new English-language program has been incredibly engaging.

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Nurses at the children's and youth emergency department at the Turku University Hospital (Tyks) Lighthouse Hospital on February 15, 2024. LEHTIKUVA

An extensive study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has shown significant improvements in working times and occupational safety within the social welfare and healthcare sector, thanks to the implementation of the Working Time Traffic Light Model and updated shift ergonomics recommendations.

The study, which analyzed data from the “Sote-työajat” cohort spanning from 2008 to 2022 and included over 80,000 employees,

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Photo: ESO/M. Kornmesser

In a groundbreaking study from the University of Turku, new insights have emerged about the formation of quasars, challenging longstanding theories. Previously, it was believed that quasars, which are incredibly bright galaxies powered by supermassive black holes consuming cosmic gas and dust, formed primarily through galaxy collisions. However, this latest research shows that quasars can also form independently of such violent interactions.

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An office worker in Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA

A new study has revealed that taking short walking breaks, termed "office walks," is the most effective way to mitigate the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting. The research, conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), shows that just two minutes of walking every half hour can significantly reduce discomfort and improve overall well-being for office workers.

The SitFit study by FIOH aimed to identify practical methods for reducing the negative impacts of sedentary work.

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Finnish universities are set to undergo a significant reform in their entrance examination process starting in 2025, aimed at simplifying the application procedure and broadening access to higher education. The Rectors’ Council of Finnish Universities (UNIFI) has proposed reducing the number of entrance exams from around 120 to just nine national exams, streamlining the process for prospective students.

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Video games are on the rise in Finland: in recent years the industry has become one of the largest in Europe, and Finnish mobile gaming developers are considered experts in their field. This has led to an abundant and innovative market, with new types of games popping up daily. Analysis has shown that in 2024, projected revenue in online gaming in Finland will reach an estimated $429.3 million, which is an annual growth rate of 11.09%.

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The cleaning robot Seppo cleans warehouse spaces.

As Finland faces a critical shortage of professional cleaners, robotic assistance is becoming increasingly crucial in maintaining the cleanliness of Finnish workspaces and public areas. Property and facility service company ISS now employs over a hundred cleaning robots, with plans to increase this number significantly, underscoring a shift towards automated cleaning solutions.

In Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari, robots named Ulla and Seppo are already hard at work at the retail and warehouse facilities,

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During the "Edible Helsinki" weeks, the city's diverse culinary culture will be highlighted through a hundred events.

Helsinki is gearing up for its first-ever "Edible Helsinki" weeks, a celebration of the city’s rich culinary culture scheduled from May 24 to June 16, 2024. This innovative food festival is the result of a collaborative effort among local restaurants, tourism bodies, and event organizers, aiming to highlight Helsinki’s gastronomic diversity through a hundred unique events.

The festival kicks off with a press event that offered a sneak peek into the planned activities and sparked discussions on Helsinki's culinary innovations and restaurant culture.

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