According to the Music Listening in Finland 2023 study conducted by Teosto and IFPI – Musiikkituottajat ry, music holds importance for 89% of Finns. The research, conducted in August 2023 with over a thousand participants aged 13 to 75, with a majority falling in the 13–18 age group, sheds light on evolving music consumption habits in Finland.

Intensive music listening through headphones is on the rise, constituting nearly 50% of all music consumed, as per Finnish estimations.

A striking finding reveals that one in three Finns across all age groups, and over 75% of those under 25, dedicate at least 70% of their music-listening time to headphone usage. Only 15% of Finns never use headphones for listening to music.

Kari Tervonen, the lead researcher of Music Listening in Finland 2023 from Omnicom Media Group, stated, “Having ears plugged is a widespread phenomenon, with the global headphone market growing at an average annual rate of 10%. However, passive radio listening, for instance, through car radios, still surpasses intensive headphone listening in total duration.”

While car radios remain the most common medium for music listening across all age groups, personal phones have become the predominant choice for those aged between 13 and 45.

Music as a Gateway Beyond Loneliness, a Bridge to Others The study reveals that music is of some importance to 89% of Finns. It holds particular significance for 16–18-year-olds, individuals living alone, those facing challenging life situations, and enthusiasts of rare or classical music styles.

Music serves as a tool to combat loneliness, navigate difficult life situations, and fill empty moments. Moreover, music helps many forge connections with others.

Although most recorded music is consumed individually through headphones, Finns seek communal music experiences through live events. The attendance at concerts and live shows rebounded in 2023 to pre-pandemic levels, indicating a revival from the limitations imposed during the pandemic period.

“64% of Finns feel that live music has become even more crucial for them in an increasingly technological world. Concert attendance increased by several hundred thousand in 2023 compared to the previous year. Music, especially live events, acts as a gateway beyond loneliness and a bridge to others,” analyzed Tervonen.

Over half of the respondents believe that the consumption of music events in music clubs, restaurants, ice halls, and large arenas will continue to rise. Notably, the largest events have witnessed the most significant surge in popularity and ticket sales. One-third of the respondents have faith in the growth of classical music performances and concert halls' popularity.