European Union Youth Orchestra. Photo: Peter Adamik

Innovative side by side activities with young Finnish musicians, open rehearsals, community performances across Helsinki and a cultural debate: this is the Helsinki Community Day, dedicated to reach diverse groups of people in the city of Helsinki, which hosts the musicians during their first orchestral residency in Finland. There are three main series of events which will happen throughout the day, all supporting the EUYO's focus on new and young audiences:

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Vaccine development. LEHTIKUVA / AFP

For a normal person, the loops, kinks and folds in the single strand of RNA that makes up the coronavirus genome might look like a bowl of spaghetti. However, to researchers like Amanda Hargrove, who is a chemistry professor at Duke University, the complex shaped RNA had untapped therapeutic potential in the fight against COVID-19. Hargrove and her colleagues had identified chemical compounds that could latch onto these 3D structures and block the virus's ability to replicate.

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Thank you for participating in this survey. 
The results will be shared with our readers in an article in Helsinki Times after the answers are analysed.
If you have left your contact info, you will be participating in a draw for the prizes. 
Winners will be informed by mid May.

I am writing in response to Ms Pilar Díaz who wrote an article this week about her problem or lack of medical service here in Finland.

I think she was unfortunate possibly with her doctor or the health clinic but my experience of the Finnish national health is in complete contrast.

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Dear citizens of Europe,

I will talk to you, using my Greek perspective, about the Renaissance, the period of time when Europe finally left behind medieval times. Western civilisation discovered philosophy and art, the sense of justice and democracy, the ancient Greek way of thinking and the real principals of being a human. Europeans! We tried hard to understand all of this.

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Established 2007
Average print run 15,000
Frequency 49 issues / year
Type Weekly newspaper
Language English
Distribution Available on annual subscription, and on sale at R-kioskis, bookstores and newsstands (price €3). Also available at hotels, tourist offices and airports and on over 350 Finnair flights every week.
Publisher Helsinki Times Oy
Helsinki Times is the first weekly newspaper in Finland which provides a reliable and much-needed source of news and information about Finland in English. In addition to domestic and international news, it includes a review of Finnish newspapers and magazines, as well as articles concerning Finland published in the international press. Culture, sport and lifestyle sections are also essential parts of the content in Helsinki Times. The newspaper also offers a weekly events guide as well as a weekly selection of TV programmes in English.

Helsinki Times is a tabloid format newspaper, with an average circulation of 15,000 copies. According to a reader survey (autumn 2007) the readership of Helsinki Times includes foreigners working in Finland, professionals and diplomats stationed in Finland as well as their families. In addition the readership includes people visiting the country on business or vacation, as well as everyone around the world with a special interest in Finland and the news related to it. According to the survey Helsinki Times has about 30,000 readers a week who represent over 20 different nationalities. Therefore an advert in Helsinki Times will be read by a growing number of people visiting and living in Finland, whose first language is not Finnish.

Helsinki Times is on sale at bookstores, newsstands, railway stations, hotels and airports throughout Finland, priced €3. In addition it is available at all of Finnair’s return flights to Finland: 7,000 copies are distributed weekly on 350 flights arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. In addition Nokia subscribes Helsinki Times to all its foreign employees. Helsinki Times is also available on annual subscription for €96, delivered hot off the press to your home or business.

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David Cord, in his article suggests to apply euthanasia to Talvivaara, take it off its life support and let it die gracefully.

In principle, I agree with euthanasia as applied to pets and human beings, but only in the case of needless suffering from an incurable and painful disease at the request of the patient. So, is the company Talvivaara being kept alive longer than it should? Is there no cure for the serious problems it is facing? Before such a conclusion can be reached careful analyses of the causes and possible remedies should be undertaken. Life in nature, but also in business, is too valuable to dispose of too quickly.

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