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Archaeologists in north China's Hebei Province have found a tomb dating back to the Jin Dynasty (265-420).

The tomb was located 5.2 meters under the ground and featured a brick chamber. A total of 16 items of pottery ware, including a cup, pot, bullock-cart and horse, were found in the tomb.

Judging from the funerary objects, it is speculated that the tomb owner might have been a woman, according to Ren Xueyan, leader of the archaeological team at the Damingfu ruins, where the tomb is located.

No written record was found in the tomb, so the specific age of the tomb is difficult to determine, Ren said.

Ren said that the unearthed pottery ware reflects people's living conditions at that time, and that they are of high value for the study of local folk customs during the Jin Dynasty.

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