Chen Yuanyu, born in 1995, left her hometown of Xi'an city, capital of northwest China’s Shaanxi province, for a rural county situated among the sloping folds of the middle ranges of the Qinling #Mountains. After giving up a job offer to become a programmer upon graduating from university, the young woman decided she would rather become a #forest keeper in the Foping #Nature Reserve. Confident in her decision, Chen was quick to affirm that she was now “proud to be a mountain guardian.” As a member of the #GenerationZ and the only female on her team, the brave woman has contributed her efforts to the protection of the ecosystem of China’s northernmost habitat for the giant #panda after persuading her family living comfortably in the city to support her work in the rugged and remote mountainside. Chen has put her power and strength on full display, carrying out daily patrols and going all out to do her part to preserve the mountains and rivers that the giant pandas in the area call home.

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