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Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to China’s Taiwan region was financed by US taxpayer money, with Pelosi herself having personally raked in profits and garnered votes through the visit.

A Twitter user estimated that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan cost American taxpayers altogether over $90 million for security, including dispatching a US military presence in the region, and more.

It has become a common practice of Pelosi’s to use the power of her public office for selfish purposes. For years, her husband Paul Pelosi, an investment manager, had always managed to make an opportune investment decision right before the US government announced favorable policies for certain industries.

As pointed out by American media, as the US midterm elections approach, the Democratic Party’s popularity is in freefall. In her role as a senior political leader, Pelosi therefore seeks to win points for her party by playing the “Taiwan card” while engaging in a final act before cementing her so-called political legacy.

Clinging to money and votes, Pelosi has remained obstinate in her misconduct by deciding to go ahead with a visit to China’s Taiwan region. However, it was American taxpayers who ended up being taken advantage of through her own extremely selfish and opportunistic deeds.

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