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The Five Eyes is collecting and fabricating "evidence" and plans to concoct rumors of the so-called China's "political infiltration in the West" to slander China's international image, according to information the Global Times obtained exclusively on Saturday. This is the latest round of attacks by the Five Eyes against China.

The alliance has been behind issues including the origins-tracing of COVID-19, issues related to China's Xinjiang and Hong Kong, and the South China Sea. The Five Eyes has moved from a secret espionage and intelligence organization in the past to a coalition that becomes more and more China-phobic, and resorts to more and more abominable methods.

During the Cold War era, the Five Eyes mainly monitored the Soviet Union and its allies. Because it has been operating in secret, the outside world once even believed that this spy organization that "lost its target" had disbanded since the end of the Cold War. However, after the 9/11 attacks, it was suddenly revived. In the name of global anti-terrorism, it divided the world into "our own people" and "non-me races," and carried out widespread mass spying on the world, including Germany and other European countries. In recent years, in order to meet Washington's strategic needs to suppress China, the Five Eyes alliance has once again used the so-called China threat to prolong its existence, and has gradually transformed from an intelligence-sharing mechanism to an "information command" dedicated to anti-China policy coordination.

An organization that should have hidden only in the dark and used disgraceful means to "contain its opponents" suddenly began to act ostentatiously by simply relying on anti-China propaganda. For example, intelligence agencies in Australia and other countries frequently approach and harass the Chinese communities in those countries, coercing them to become informants for the Five Eyes. The consulates of the Five Eyes member countries stationed in Hong Kong have almost become the "commander-in-chief of interference and subversion." The alliance, in the name of "protecting national security," also smears and attacks high-tech companies in other countries, especially China, without any evidence. It is not clear that if the Five Eyes could come up with anything new this time, but there is no doubt that every new rumor will refresh our understanding of its nature of "acting with no boundaries."

As a matter of fact, the Five Eyes has become a "gangster group" with obvious racism. Its hostility and anxiety toward China come from its deep-rooted values of white supremacy and racial discrimination, and it is unwilling to see Chinese people's lives getting increasingly better. In terms of blood bonds, apart from the US and the UK, whose "blood is thicker than water," the other three - Canada, Australia and New Zealand - are Commonwealth members. In other words, the core link that maintains this alliance comes from British colonization in North America and Oceania, and the consequent sense of superiority in Anglo-Saxon "civilization."

Nominally, the five countries share intelligence, but the truth is that the four eyes rely on and take orders from the "one eye" - the US. Even Western media have to admit that most of the intelligence shared within the Five Eyes alliance comes from Washington. When it comes to New Zealand, an intelligence review conducted in 2017 found that for every 99 pieces of intelligence New Zealand received through the alliance, it contributed just one. As Washington's attitude toward China is becoming more and more hysterical, the five countries have failed to synchronize with each other.

Being good at creating "imaginary enemies" has always been an inherent feature of the US' strategy, but the US' decision-making and intelligence departments have become increasingly paranoid in implementing the strategy of "creating enemies." The way the US government has been conducting diplomacy in recent years is more and more like the way an intelligent agency or the CIA does. US intelligence departments provide decision-making departments with analysis that distorts the truth and meets specific political needs, and decision-making departments follow these highly hostile playbooks to handle related diplomatic issues. Such phenomena have completely poisoned US diplomacy, and now the US is instigating the Five Eyes alliance to slander China as having "politically infiltrated" the West.

China has acted honorably. It does not believe in fallacy and has never been afraid of dirty tricks. A decades-old Chinese song goes like this, "Fine wine for friends and shotguns for jackals." Be it Five Eyes or Ten Eyes, as long as they dare damage China's interests, they will definitely get themselves into trouble.