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The Chinese Embassy in Manila said on Tuesday that China and the Philippines have agreed to strengthen cooperation to combat transnational crimes, including cross-border gambling, kidnapping, and telecommunications fraud.

An embassy spokesperson said the two governments have reached an agreement during a recent video conference between China's Ministry of Public Security and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

"The two sides agreed to further deepen mutual trust and cooperation in jointly cracking down on cross-border gambling, telecom and internet fraud, kidnapping, robbery, homicide, and other illegal and criminal activities," the spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesperson added that the two sides also agreed to enhance further "technical cooperation in drug control, counter-terrorism, and law enforcement capacity building."

Gambling affects a country's "normal" financial order and economic security and can cause vicious crimes which seriously endanger legitimate property and personal rights, said the spokesperson, noting that China "strongly" opposes all forms of gambling.

The Chinese government has repeatedly reminded Chinese nationals in the Philippines not to engage in gambling activities.

The Chinese public security ministry and the Philippine national police are "strengthening cooperation in clues investigation, information sharing, and case transfer, to strengthen joint efforts to crack down on such crimes," the spokesperson added. 

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