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 China's film authorities will continue to crack down on film copyright infringement to maintain the sound development of the film industry, said a statement issued on the website of the China Film Administration (CFA) on Wednesday.

The statement was released in response to the recent rise in copyright-infringing short videos, such as those featuring synopses of films.

In cooperation with the National Copyright Administration, the CFA will continue to intensify the crackdown on film copyright infringement, said the statement.

The CFA will also regulate and punish producers and operators of "self-media" platforms that copy, edit or spread films without authorization, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of film copyright holders.

The protection of film copyright will stimulate the vitality of innovation and creation, and promote the development of high-quality films, it said.

The CFA has always attached great importance to the protection of film copyright and cracked down on illegal acts together with public security and copyright organs, the statement added.

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