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China can play a pro-active role in bringing peace to Afghanistan by sharing its experience in fighting poverty, Afghan expert said.

"In my opinion a consensus on Afghanistan issue is essential among China, U.S. Russia, Iran and Pakistan to bring the relevant powers together to jointly work for ending the war in the war-riddled country," Arianfar told Xinhua.

A former government official who visited several countries including China, Arianfar also described China as a good neighbor of Afghanistan, and said, "China, in the neighborhood of Afghanistan, can play a pro-active role in ending the war and bringing about peace in Afghanistan."

According to the observer, the high rate of poverty and unemployment is the main cause of ongoing militancy and conflict in Afghanistan as militant groups easily recruit poor people to fight.

"China by launching economic projects in Afghanistan and investment in economic fields can provide job opportunities and thus could help reduce conflict in the country," Arianfar said.

Praising China over the elimination of poverty in the most populous country in the world, the analyst said China can share its experience in the fight against poverty in Afghanistan "to reduce the menace here as the country has been suffering from prolonged war and poverty."

The expert also hailed China's policy in supporting multilateralism in dealing with international affairs, saying unilateralism, flexing muscles, bullying and showing strong fist to run the world's order would prove counter-productive. He also said the international affairs should be addressed through consultation, and everyone working together should decide the future of the world.

He said China's stance to promote peace and prosperity in the world deserve all kinds of support.

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