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As part of the nation’s efforts to assist Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, a total of 70,000 kilograms of fresh vegetables arrived in the city at 10 a.m. Feb. 5, from Wenchuan county, the epicenter of the earthquake that took place in 2008.

The goods have been distributed to six hospitals in the city to support their normal operations, according to Sichuan Online, a local news portal.

The goods, a token of love and care from Sichuan, traveled 1,300 kilometers via Chongqing, which connects Sichuan and Hubei provinces. They were loaded onto six trucks, each driven by two experienced long-distance truck drivers who are also farmers.

The vegetables were purchased by Wenchuan farmers with their own money. Zhao Yong, who was in charge of the delivery, said his village raised more than 100,000 yuan and all the money was used to buy vegetables.

People's Daily Online