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President Xi Jinping has ordered resolute efforts be made to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), and stressed putting people's safety and health as the top priority.

The Chinese people are the true creators of history and heroes. The Communist Party of China strives to be a servant of its people through its traditions and precious experience in continuously achieving goals. Thanks to this, China has overcome the SARS epidemic, the Wenchuan earthquake and other natural disasters and emergencies.

And the unknown soldiers of this battle - Chinese medical workers – have spared no effort, leaving their families to tirelessly continue their struggle day and night as if they were on the front line of a war. Here, the meaning of humanity and belonging to the homeland are obvious. It is worth noting the companies and individuals who gave their support at no cost, which shows who the true friends of China are.

The media has a supporting role, as the Chinese media releases information about the epidemic situation and how to prevent it 24 hours a day. This helps give people moral support and shows the true image of China to the world. But unfortunately, some foreign media have tried to stereotype and isolate the Chinese people. Most of these media platforms are from societies that pride themselves on being objective, yet they have broadcast news about the current humanitarian situation using old videos that are not related to what is happening now in the face of the epidemic. If China is the eye of the storm for the novel coronavirus, then other countries are the eye of the storm for the virus of non-verification and arrogance towards the Chinese, and the carrier of this epidemic is, of course, the media.

China is facing a difficult humanitarian ordeal, and this is not the time for countries or individuals to link past events with what is happening now.

Describing China or some Chinese regions as ghost towns is an exaggeration, and the truth is, in such cases, this is routine procedure to control the spread of the virus. If this epidemic occurred in our homeland and we were isolated from the world, we would understand the meaning of these preventive measures. We deeply regret what our Chinese friends have recently been subjected to repeatedly and how they have sometimes been harshly harassed abroad only because they are from China, although many of them have not been to China for over a month, long before the virus spread. This aggressive behavior is absurd and inhumane.

The cure for this epidemic lies in each and every one of us. The cure for this epidemic is to truly support the efforts and morale of the Party and the Chinese people, embrace them and stand on their side. Our Islamic religion teaches us that our relationship with people is to be either a brother in religion or a counterpart to you in morals.

During my 16 years in China, I have never experienced any racism or hatred. On the contrary, I found love, tolerance and simplicity in dealing with the people. I love them as I love my country and my family.

When I read about the increase in the number of infected people and the seriousness of the matter, I felt I had failed in my duty towards them, and from the moment I arrived in Jordan until today, I have tried to do everything possible for my second country, China. We send and ship medical supplies from Jordan to our Chinese friends with the participation of Jordanian businessmen, who are active members of the Arab Businessmen Forum in China. Whatever we give to China, we will never be able to fulfill our duty to it.

The great Chinese nation today, with its arms, minds and qualitative capabilities, is fighting with valor, boldness and courage, as it wages a fierce battle against (Satan) as the Chinese president describes the novel coronavirus.

We, as foreigners living in China, need to show our serious stance and participate in the campaign of awareness to spread brotherhood, coexistence and respect for each other, and we stand strongly in the face of fake news and bullying through social media and other platforms by shedding more light on the consolidation of bonds of solidarity and cooperation through our participation in communicating the right image and the truth, which will make a strong impact on the whole world.

I ask the world to stand with China morally, financially and through the media, as this stand will save your family, your country and the entire world, not just China.

Finally, we pray to God to heal and recover all of humanity.

Nader Shahrouri is the Secretary of the Jordanian Community in China. 


(Nader Shahrouri)

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