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Nowadays, youngsters in China tend to speed up video playback when watching content online, according to a recent survey, as they want to make the most of every second and maximize their time.

The social survey center of China Youth Daily, in cooperation with, surveyed 1,993 young people aged between 18 and 35. Results showed that 76.5 percent of those asked said they preferred speeding up the playback rate when watching videos.


When asked why they liked to speed up video content, 59.7 percent of respondents attributed it to the information age, while 49.2 percent attributed it to the high requirements of contemporary life. 83.1 percent of those surveyed admitted that they were busy every day, but the results were not as good as expected.

Based on the survey, Yang Xiong, Director for the Institute of Youth at the Shanghai Academy of Social Science, commented that the rationale of such a preference could be that firstly, China is in a stage of rapid development, and so social competition is intense. As young people have to adapt to a quickening lifestyle, they must speed up the pace of life. Secondly, the popularization of smartphones and the internet has provided endless possibilities for both content production and consumption.

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