Mobile cabin hospitals in Central China’s Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, are not only medical facilities, but “cozy homes” for novel coronavirus infected patients.

Wuhan made use of the city's sports stadium and convention centers and renovated them into 16 mobile cabin hospitals as of Feb. 3. More than 10,000 patients infected by the novel coronavirus have been admitted in these hospitals.

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On January 18, 2020, on a high-speed train to Wuhan, one of the world’s most populous cities, people were chatting excitedly. A festive atmosphere filled the air, as passengers could not wait to get back for the Chinese New Year. None of them could know that in just a few days, their destination would become a forbidden zone plagued by a lethal virus.

Knotting his brows at some medical reports, one old man sensed a lurking danger. On that day, 59 citizens in Wuhan had caught pneumonia of unknown etiology. The abnormal phenomenon reminded him of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak that had rampaged across China 17 years ago. It was he who had come up with an effective treatment for SARS. Now, it was time for him to do it all over again.

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Screeshot of Myriam Robin's article on the Australian Financial Review

According to the article, ASPI has come to dominate the Australian public's understanding of China over the past five years. The organization has some staunch supporters, many of whom are in the Australian Parliament, who credit it with raising issues such as Chinese military involvement in Australian universities, the spread of so-called Uygur detention camps in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and the recent and contested defection of a “Chinese intelligence agent”, who was later proven to be a fraud.

The article, which traces the sources of ASPI's funding and also interviews several experts on China-related issues, claims that the think tank is funded by the Department of Defence of Australia, foreign governments and military contractors, and has been fomenting anti-China hysteria to the alleged benefit of its benefactors.

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Desinged by Luo Haihui

Art students in the school of art and design of Wuchang Shouyi University in Wuhan, the capital of central China’s Hubei province, recently created more than 100 sets of illustrations with themes revolving around the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic. The works are intended to promote positive energy and enhance morale for the country’s efforts to fight the epidemic.

These illustrations were actually part of the students’ creations during their illustration design course. In an effort to contribute to the country’s nationwide efforts to combat the epidemic, students have shown in their works various knowledge about epidemic prevention and control. The works also express in differing ways praise for people from all walks of life who have stuck to their posts and bravely fought the epidemic. The fine works also convey a sense of resolve and help compel a victory over the virus.

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Zhou Ning (first on left), Yuan Haitao (center), and Zou Jinjing (first on right)

During the battle against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), some frontline medical workers, who exposed to great danger of the disease, unfortunately get infected. Doctors became patients, fighting on their personal battle against the disease.

However, as they recovered from it, some of them volunteered to go back again to the front line. After taking off the hospital gown as a patient, they put on the protective suit as a doctor again. They are heroes of our time.

After giving a 90-minute first aid to a patient, associate chief physician Zhou Ning of the cardiology department at

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Kurt Michael Campbell, former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, noted that places like nursing homes will be at enormous risk in the period ahead, and a fundamental slowdown in the global economy will possibly take place in the next several months.(Photo :Hudson Institute official website)

As the number of people dead and infected from COVID-19 sees a significant rise across the US, uncertainties among both officials and the public continue to grow over whether the US has already missed its best window of opportunity to curb the spread of the lethal virus, or even if the government is fully prepared for even more severe consequences.

During a news briefing held on March 9, WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus reiterated that in areas with community spread, “testing every suspected case and tracing their contacts becomes more challenging, while actions must be taken to prevent transmission at the community level to reduce the epidemic to manageable clusters.”

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Land sales in major Chinese cities saw a dramatic decline in February, an industry report showed.

Transaction volume in 40 cities monitored by E-house China R&D Institute in February tumbled year on year, while the land price ticked up due to recovery of the land market in first-tier cities, the report said.

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China's top securities watchdog has approved the initial public offering (IPO) applications of three companies.

Sichuan Anning Iron and Titanium Co., Ltd., IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. and Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. will be listed on the A-share market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said in a statement.

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East Hospital Branch of the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University/Gan Junchao

Under the setting sun, a doctor, in protective clothing, and a patient, nestled in his hospital bed, both look together at a ruby sunset while pointing their fingers ...

This photo touched countless people as it was shared through friends online, becoming viral. Netizens sighed looking to the photo exclaiming that it is "so soothing." Let’s have a look into the story behind this photo.

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China is demonstrating to the world its powerful spirit in its fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

The goggles-covered eyes of the medics are full of dedication, despite the skin creases and sore marks left on their faces. Community workers and volunteers are also running between residential complexes in the cities to contribute their power. These scenes, emotional and shocking, will be remembered by history. Such powerful spirit released amid the epidemic is encouraging both the nation and the world.

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