STX Finland's Rauma shipyardThe town of Rauma has submitted an offer to acquire shipbuilding company STX Finland's shipyard in Rauma, the local newspaper Satakunnan Kansa reports. In an interview with the newspaper, mayor Kari Koski revealed that the offer was submitted to the shipbuilding company on 3 December and that a response is expected by 16 December.

The offer, Koski also revealed, is for the shipyard as a whole. According to the newspaper, the Rauma shipyard consists of some 40 hectares of land and water areas and contains 15 special facilities ranging from massive halls to smaller workshops.

While declining to disclose its exact value, Koski characterised the offer as financially significant. “Of course, we're not dealing with small sums,” added Koski.

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Aleksi Teivainen – Helsinki Times
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